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Dashboard cams?


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Refuse to chuck this thread in the Autos section due to the fact that it will get overlooked.

How many of you have dashboard cams?

I have one because I am on my probationary licence so if anything happens, I am more likely to get the blame and I can just prove them wrong, granted that it in fact was not my fault. It's also useful when something else happens on the road and you can just show the video to the police to be used as evidence. Breach of privacy yes but a great tool to have. Saves lives in my opinion.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think everyone should have a dashboard cam. Lets face it people, including cops, will try to set you up.

Yesterday I was hearing a story about this man being at a stop sign and the guy in front of him put it in reverse and backed into him. The man that backed up jumped out of the car and started claiming he hit him. Very useful under those circumstances.


Sally Twit
I don't, but then I didn't even know such a thing existed. I guess that comes with being a new driver, though.

If they're legal then it sounds like a smart idea - providing they're not a distraction. It'd be good to be able to prove you were right about something that happened.
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