Darwin and Lincoln

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    This thread is a bit late, but the two have something in common: they were both abolitionists. In fact, there is a fancy new controversial theory that Darwin was in part motivated by his abolitionist views to consider and discover evolution. He came from a family of hardcore abolitionists, and wrote of his own experiences in witnessing the horrors of slavery while on the journey that took him to the Galapagos. The notion that all humans have the same origins would lend credit to the abolitionist appeal that white men and black men were "brothers", so it seems quite likely that was on his mind when he decided to advance his theory.

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    My only thought was I found it funny they were born on the same day. They just seem like two completely different people in history even though you just showed, they weren't in a sense.
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    I didn't know that. Pretty interesting. I kind of thought we were all related in a way, not in gods eyes, but our ancestors.
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    I have never thought that Darwin was motivated my moral reasons when he wrote his theory. But now that it's pointed out, it makes sense. Or at least even if it weren't his intention, the idea of common descent does give less credence to race superiority/inferiority theories. It made me look for other information about it and found this "Darwin the Abolitionist" article. It's a bit long but very interesting. Essays: 'Darwin the abolitionist' by Adrian Desmond | Prospect Magazine February 2009 issue 155

    Yes, it's amazing that two very important figures in history share that. http://www.generalforum.com/history/lincoln-darwin-who-more-important-43758.html

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