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Darth Maul


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Ok Swift this was the one that I was working on. As you can see that darn left side is too bright so I atleast tried to cover up the brightest part of it. It didn't come out that bad but it wasn't what you wanted in the request. Now that you got this I think you can find me a pic now:sweatdrop:

*stretches* Ok! Now Omega's is up next, gonna be iffy since I got to do something with only a render to work with. Gonna have to add a stock to it I'm sure --;


No Custom Title Exists
That looks like a mix of Boogey-Man and Umaga.

Anyways. That looks pretty sweet, but I don't like the two pictures of his lip on the sig. But..9/10 from me