Dark Alliance-Baldurs Gate

I own one and two this is my favorite game series i was just wondering will there ever be a number 3? I mean the ending of the second one leads one to belive there should be a number 3.


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I've only played the second one but I agree that it was a really fun game. I would like to see a third come out as well.

I doubt it will happen though. The 2nd one is almost a decade old now.


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I remember playing one of these some time ago before I discovered Oblivion and I have to agree, they were really fun. However, games like Oblivion and Fallout have set new standards so it would be interesting to see if Baulder's Gate could bring something new.

Also, a third one has been in the works for almost 8 years (on and off).

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Hopefully it doesn't go vaporware like good ol' Duke.