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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Babe_Ruth, Feb 7, 2010.

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    out of all the failed marvel movies... I honestly cant say I absolutely hated the Daredevil adaption. To me it was all the Actors faults. The thing with Comic movies is you just gotta rely on no-name acting talent. These A and B list actors and actresses bring in their own style...which is good for any other movie they'd be in....but we're talking Comic Movies here. For a Comic Movie to be good and get good or better reviews from its fans; it has to stick to the comic and have no other outside influence that doesnt compliment the Characters or story.

    This is the reason I hated on Spiderman 3 so bad. Tobey McGuire was a great choice at first...but it just seemed like he got to big for his britches and it showed in how stupid of a job he did in SM3.

    I'd see a 2nd Daredevil, maybe not in theatres...but I'd still see it.
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    The first one was an absolute train wreck of a film. The story made little to no sense at all, there was no cohesion, no transitions and nothing was explained. Ever. The actors were definitely nothing to write home about, but the story's writing was its biggest flaw. I like the Daredevil concept, so I'd welcome a reboot but like most I'm holding my breath.

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