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Lion Rampant
Smel, let's write a song together! I'll put down a basis lyric frame and you create the tune and some fill lines, you know, like: "Sukkydukky pringlehauser alabamsty veallygood..." All right? Knew would. Here go!

The Thing Between Mars and Venus

I'll be giving you a ring on Saturnday

Before the surgeon tries to take your hand

He's a down-to-earth MD with a Jovian degree

But I think that we can make it well, you understand...

Mercury was rising

Pluto ran, recategorizing

Is Uranus blue?

Mine is, too

And that leaves only Neptune

But I just can't fit the bastard in this song

So, let's just watch the planets

Those crazy spinning planets

Let's just watch the planets roooll alooong!
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Creeping On You
well dude, i'll see what I can do. once my brain starts working. Still mush from the rum haha. remind me to stop drinking next sunday. I just finished the bottle lawl. AND bought a new monitor for 10 bucks haha.
hmmm...actually, those could just be the very filler lines you're looking for...

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