Danica Patrick and Other Women in Sports


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For those of you that don't know her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danica_Patrick

I was watching Sportscenter this morning and the report they did on Danica Patrick was quite interesting.

Before I talk about the report, I just want to say that I think she's highly overrated and celebrated for the wrong reasons. We want to bring closure to sexual discrimination, we want to erase it. So why do we over-celebrate women in areas that they are not typically seen? It creates an "othering" attitude towards them and ultimately (To me anyways) works to encourage seperation. Danica Patrick's entrance to racing was made into a big deal. I wouldn't have cared so much if they had done a report the day the news came out telling about her joining. That would be fine, tell us about her and what's going on, let us nod and say, "Good for you kid, go for it, let the men know women can race too." Don't drag us on for weeks afterwards and focus only on her, ignoring the other racers who are actually succeeding.

But anyways, there was a report about Danica Patrick and this other guy Wheldon who are sissy fighting with each other right now. Wheldon is about the same size as Patrick (meaning he's short and tiny) and he's trying to come off as some sort of tough guy by verbally bitch-slapping her. However, Danica's behavior has been childish as of late with her stomping and seemingly pulling little hissyfits on the track.

All in all, I was wondering what you felt about her. I think it's great for women to be emerging in professional sports more and more. Personally, I hope to see the day women begin playing baseball again and not just softball. From what I've seen of Patrick, I'm not a fan because of some of her antics, but I think the media needs to ease up on the, "oMGWTF teh femalz? loll!1!!"


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Before when a woman entered a mens sports event it was a huge deal but as it goes on we see more and more of it so I guess it don't really go as far as it used to. Danica Patrick in racing Michelle Wie in golf and Haley Wickenheiser in hockey are just a few examples of women who are breaking the "Barrior" so to speak between Male and Female sports worlds. It's just like when black people were not allowed in sports , When we first saw them come in we were like WTF and same thing with some women but personally I think if the woman is good enough to play with the men then let her.
I agree that highlighting the presence of female competitors in sports that have a majority of male competitors, is plain counter productive .. it should not matter what gender the competitors are @ all .. normalize commentary & keep any gender based comments out of the mix .. neglect the sex discrimination to death IMo ..

BTW motor sports has a long heritage of women competitors ..