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Dangerous Food


Had to post this in response to that:

Yeah, I'm gonna go with watermelons as well.
I can't look away. Watching her head whip back, I feel bad for her... and I laugh at the same time. You're right, I would've stayed clear of catapults and watermelons for the rest of my life. Just the sight might have given me 'Nam flashbacks. :lol:


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That was a clip from "The Amazing Race". I saw that episode last night--after they finished that task, they ran for the area where they were supposed to finish and all that girl kept saying was, "I can't feel my face, I can't feel my face." She ended up ok, though. Tough cookie. I love that show.

Dangerous food, huh? I'm thinking a solid head of cabbage the size of a basketball, dropped on you from a house roof, could practically kill you.

I know, hard to believe about the cabbage tho, but it's true.
Also, I would think if someone threw a pineapple at your face, with the spikes on the sides...damn, painful too~