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Dangerous Bridge


New Member
Wow this is crazy. Would anyone dare to cross this bridge?


Free Spirit
Staff member
At least when you look at it you know it is dangerous. Some of the bridges here in the US aren't all in that great of shape but just looking at them you can't really tell.

I use to have to drive across this bridge that had holes in the pavement and you could see the river down below. It was narrow and long. Towards the end of its life most of the guard rails were missing. Very scary to drive across, glad it was replaced.

If I can find a picture of it I will post it. Use to be a picture of it in the capital building.


It appears structurally sound to me. The logs are plenty thick and there are no significant signs of aging and wear. The acoustics when the person was walking across suggested the wood was bound very tightly, no creeks and groans and no sway. I've seen bridges over chasms that make that one look rock solid by comparison.

- Cham


Registered Member
Looks really cool like a bridge from the Hobbit so yeah I would. And what Cham said it looks and sounds really solid.


I'm serious
Well, it wouldn't be a high drop if you fell from it. That makes a difference to me. Would I cross THAT bridge? Sure, it looks fine. Would I cross a bridge that looks like that about two or three times that height? Hell no.