DangerDan says Hi

Hey, everyone. I'm Dan Pollak (aka DangerDan). Don't worry. I'm not as dangerous as my name says I am...or am I? :lol:

Anyway, I'm from Melbourne, Florida (born and raised). I'm trying to form a rock band of my own. Fortunately, I just recently met a guitarist who wants to work with me to write songs. All I can do is vocals (baritone), so all I need now is a bass player and a drummer.

I wish there was a way to post some singing demos in this forum.
You can always post on YouTube and link us to them. It's safe and we can also watch you preform. :D

Welcome to the forum, DD!


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Welcome to the forums DangerDan, very excited to have you posting at these forums. I'm sure your going to have a blast if you become an active member at this wonderful place. So get ready for a great time.
Isn't dDave's name short for DangerDave? Hmm... Now I guess we'll have two Danger people around here. A guild, if you will. ;)


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Hi not so dangerous DangerDan .. are you also a Dange Ranger.

I'm also new here, and was wondering what type music you play in the band you are trying to start up.


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Welcome DangerDan! I hope you find that you like it here. It is a really fun place and I am sure you will make a wonderful addition. So get posting mister!