Dang, that's SAVAGE

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  1. Wade8813

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    (Dizzy Dean's) brand of baseball was rawboned and hell-bent, as he showed in game four of the '34 World Series, when, inserting himself as a pinch runner, he broke up a double play by leaping forehead-first into the path of the ball. He crumpled to the ground like a broken doll and was carried off the field, but was back to pitch the next game.

  2. Vincent_Valentine

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    No, THIS is Savage.


  3. Bubbles

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  4. Bliss

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    No THIS is Savage. Lily Savage.

  5. Wade8813

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    Ewww. I was so tempted to neg you, Bliss...
  6. Tucker

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    Scurvy curs corn, and I don't care
    Scurvy curs corn, and I don't care
    Scurvy curs corn, and I don't caaaaaaaare
    My master's gone away
  7. Vincent_Valentine

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    This Savage rejects your reality and substitutes his own.


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