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    So Washington Post finally fired Froomkin. He was the writer of "White House Watch", formerly "White House Briefing", and one of the few actual journalists left with any major paper. He's also one of the editors at niemanwatchdog.com, and contributes invaluable commentary on issues relating to journalism there.

    The Washington Post still cannot formulate why exactly Froomkin's column, the most commented and visited on the site for years upon years, was now redundant. He, as advertised, does the same thing towards the Obama- White House as he did the Bush- White House. And there have been no complaints about his journalistic integrity, or criticism about the substance of his writing. In fact the opposite is the case - he's been continuously lauded for providing context to the issues of the day, and for making it easier or even possible to follow the ebb and flow of the substance of Washington politics.

    What do you think was the reason the Post finally pushed him out the door?
    Ok, then ;)

    Here's Froomkin on the role of Journalists as far as questioning authority:
    fleinn - Die, Rupert Murdock!
    Read the whole thing here:
    White House Watch - Change
    Paul Krugman's take:

    The Froomkin firing - Paul Krugman Blog - NYTimes.com
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