Damn I have no work at work...so bored


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My superiors are having a hard time getting me work but I am getting bugged by one of the managers asking me what I am working on. He knows I have no work too...

I ask people for work and I get a couple tasks here and there but most people just say "they dont have anything for me now" or "I will get back to you tomorrow."

Looks like another really boring day at the office.


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I don't suppose there's anything you could take the initiative on, something that no one asked you to do but will look good when your review comes up?


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Swift works with numbers; I work with lots of angry people. We're both really good at complaining about it. :D 'Cept apparently, today Swift isn't working...at all?!! :shocked:


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I know Industrialis, right now we are probably on opposite ends of the work spectrum. I have had little to no work since tax season ended you season is just getting started.

Seriously, I did 1.1 hrs worth of work today.

Jeanie, there is nothing I can take on without it assigned to me. They delegate my work on a basis on whether or not I can handle it. So taking the intiative on something I dont know how to do just creates more work for them...

So I am stuck probably until tomorrow. It didnt help a lot of the higher ups who delegate work to me have been on vacation.