Dallas has no answer for Amare Stoudemire!

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Luther Vandross, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. As a lot of you probably know, the Phoenix Suns did not have Amare Stoudemire last year who is the most dominate player on the team. When people bring up last years series as an exaple to compare the two teams (Greg Anthony), is it really fair to use that as an example as to why the Mavs are a better team? Honestly, I don't think it is and I don't know how you could even argue against that. The Suns took the Mavs to 6 games without Amare, a healthy Kurt Thomas, and healthy Raja Bell. To tell you the truth, thats pretty damn impressive that they could hang with them and even get past the first round without Amare.

    Well, the Mavs had no answer for him 2 seasons ago and what makes you think they do now? They have Diop and Dampier. In my opinion, I don't think either one of those guys can defend against him and really, all they can do is foul him and he is a very good free throw shooter.
    What I am trying to say here is, the Mavs can't stop Amare come playoff time assuming we will play each other in the WC finals.

    If the Mavs can't stop him, then they can't beat the Suns. Simple as that. Also, Amare is only getting BETTER. He isn't at 100% yet but when he gets there, it will be scary. He is now blocking more shots, defending better, shooting/making mid-range jump-shots, and making better dessions. So, basicly, what I am saying is, in a 7 game series, the Mavs won't be able to stop him and like I said, if they can't stop him, they can't win.
    Plain and Simple.

    Sorry for the spelling errors. I'm really tired.

    God Bless,
    Brian McKnight ;)

  2. oxyMORON

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    It's not just Dallas who doesn't have an answer. I can't think of one that does (not thinking hard enough).

    Amare is good already, but + Nash, he's even better. He wouldn't be so dominant if it weren't for Steve Nash and his mad passing skills. He didn't score nearly as much when Nash was out. Teams like thte Spurs can guard Nash well and the Suns' offense won't run smoothly, which leads to not nearly as many points.
  3. Yes, but the Spurs can't run with the Suns at all because of there age. We can out run them in the 1st half.

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  4. patkick

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    True but they have no answer for Dirk either. It's gonna be interesting how it works out. The mavs are 2-0 in the regular season against the suns if I can recall. But regular season doesn't mean shit. A 7 game series is a lot different than regular season.
  5. oxyMORON

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    I think these two teams are playing at Dallas on the 14th. That should be an interesting game since I'm pretty sure both have found their rythms. There're very few ways to contain the SUns. I think all you can do is play excellent defense and try to lower their number of shots and points. It's very hard to just trade baskets with them.
  6. HitBattousai

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    Dallas has no answer for Stoudemire, but similarly, Phoenix doesn't have Dallas' overall depth of players. If they meet in the playoffs, it'll be a lot of fun :)
  7. Jyrese

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    well the suns dont have a good bench or a good PF, so I guess the are even. and mavs are 2-0 against suns so far this season, so all you suns fans should stop talking until they win.
  8. Luther what? C'mon I LOVE the Suns but you have got to be KIDDING!

    The Suns have never owned the Spurs. The last time they met in a playoff series the Spurs broke 100 before the Suns every game and won the series.

    The Spurs have no problem playing Suns-style. What are you going by with that statement? Please hit me back with some reality and no more dream-talk.

    As far as Stoudemire....nobody's going to stop him but himself....just like nobody can stop Dirk....he only has bad games on his own.

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