Dallas Drake Announces his Retirement

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by icegoat63, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. icegoat63

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    A very respectful way to go IMO. I absolutely love these stories of players waiting all their career to win the Cup and then Retire on that Highest note. Dallas Drake may not have been the most skilled player in the points department but he was a true warrior - and a very dangerous open-ice hitter during his prime years, especially in the late 1990s. I remember him knocking Ryan Smyth silly a few years ago with a bit of a headshot. You had to keep your head up with Drake out one the ice, thats for sure. I was very happy for him when he won the cup. And yet another warrior calls it a career.

  2. Jeanie

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    Well, good for him. We'll miss him, but I'm glad he got to finish his career in Detroit.
  3. canadian24

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    Dallas Drake like goat said was never the best player on his team , But he was one of those guys that you just can not win a game without. He could take the body and dish it out , Play a lot of solid minutes in a game and he was a vital part of the Wings this past year. I think this is the best possible way for him to go out. Every year you usually hear of a guy that waited a long career to hold the cup and this year it was him and it's good to see.
  4. icegoat63

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    Exactly, I want to say he is semi-comparable to Ray Bourque in that sense. Bourque to me was an extremely talented dmen in Boston, coaches didnt put their best lines against him in fear of just getting shut down. I like to lump Drake and Bourque into the same category of players who really made a huge impact on their respective teams and labored hard throughout their whole careers until that one season. And its the one season That I love to benchmark them by. Skill level Drake is no Bourque, I just wanted to clear that up before someone called me on it. But importance level.... thats where they are highly comparable IMHO.
  5. juha82

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    He's a great teamplayer/guy.
    Missing all good for him in the future.

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