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I took the entire week off just to make sure my body fully recovered from doing Pikes Peak (I noticed I was sleeping a lot more)

Today I got back on the running. 2 miles in 14:22. I'll admit I didn't feel quite as winded as I usually do after a run like that. I was drinking lots of water and slowly sped up the whole time starting slower than I relatively do and ending slightly faster than usual.


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Good for you dDave. I usually go to the beach every day on foot. The distance is about 1 mile and a half from my home so am I getting some exercice. As soon as I am finished with the refurbishment at my second home (currently the building I am living is consisted of two houses the one above the other), I will continue my gym practice in my home-made gym.


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I went running on the beach today (no, I hardly ever get that chance considering where I live :)). I didn't wear any shoes and I felt great.

I came up with some landmarks and used google maps to figure out exactly how far I'd be running.

I ended up running about 2.5 miles and it generally felt easy given the excess of oxygen. I'm used to running at over 7,000 feet so at 0 feet above sea level I was easily able to PUSH it. People all across the beach were giving me strange looks. It must have looked like I was sprinting the whole time. :lol:

I don't have a time (cause I didn't want to wreck my phone with salt water) but what I do know is that I was going real fast. I feel like it had to be faster than anything I've done recently in Colorado.


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Today was 1.5 miles in 10:34. Not too bad :)

If I'm honest, that speed really hurt quite a lot but I feel great after that one. Stretching feels amazing after exerting like that.

I may take the speed down a bit and go for longer distance eventually, I can get a great workout in quickly as it is though.


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I tested my mile time today.


It was just killer. I sort of ate poorly over the weekend. Did you know that donuts aren't good for you? Seriously. :lol:. Still, not the worst time I've ever posted. I'd like to get that one better.

One of my friends just posted a time under 6 minutes. Personally, I ran the mile in 5:17 at sea level after coming off of a season of running 3-6 miles every single day at 7,000 feet for 3 months. I just don't have that kind of time to put into running and it's also really bad for your body.

I'd be perfectly content with a sub 6.
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Just ran 1.5 miles and it felt pretty good. The time wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting either.

I really haven't been able to run all year because I got pretty sick in January and generally haven't been sleeping well. It's been a rough start to the year.

I'm gonna get back into running though, I think it will help me sleep better and I do want to be in shape for hiking when it gets warmer.
Since early May I've been running around my neighborhood two to three times per week in order to build stamina.

At first, I could barely run a half of a mile nonstop. But a couple of weeks ago, I was able to run over three miles nonstop!

I'm not trying to brag. I'm just happy about it.
The last significant snowstorm we had here in Maine, at the end of this past December, I got a real workout because I had to shovel over a foot of snow once the storm ended.