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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Brew Crew, May 29, 2006.

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    1st post so let me know how i did.

    I'm in a 4 man daily pay baseball league (because of no-shows)
    I'm looking to start the best players possible on a daily basis instead of having more points on my bench.
    Standard scoring except home runs are worth 10 pts.

    Here is todays 5-29 line-up and if you see that there should be some changes to be made in line-up please advise me with an explanation.I appericiate all the help I can get.

    C-------------------------VARITEK -vs- halladay
    1B------------------------KONERKO -vs- lee
    2B------------------------VIDRO -vs- lieber
    3B------------------------RODRIGUEZ -vs- bonderman
    SS------------------------JETER -vs- bonderman
    OF------------------------DAMON -vs- bonderman
    OF------------------------ORDONEZ -vs- johnson
    UT------------------------JONES -vs- penney
    UT------------------------BAY -vs- davis
    UT------------------------THOME -vs- halladay
    UT------------------------SWISHER -vs- etherton

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    First off Thome is not playing vs Halladay because the series between the White Sox and Jays is over. Also I would put Loduca instead of Vartitek because Loduca is very hot lately, and Halladay is on fire lately, and I don't think Varitek will be able to hit on him. Also put in Reyes instead of Vidro, I know Vidro is playing very well, but Reyes has been really hot lately. Those are the only changes I would do for your line up.

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