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Daily Holidays


yellow 4!
I think I've actually briefly wondered before whether there's some kind of holiday for every single day of the year, so this is interesting. It's even more surprising that there's multiple 'holidays' for each day.

I'd say the highlights of this week are International Fanny Pack Day this Saturday, and Check Your Batteries Day on Sunday.

Some of them are really stoopid lol.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Not only there is a holiday for everyday somewhere in the world...in here we have a calendar and it includes name of saints. Everyday is a feast day of some saint that is celebrated. You greet people who has the same name as that saint. I don't know any other country that does that.


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I used to have an app in my browser called Reasons to Drink, and it would come up with one of those daily holidays a lot of the time. I celebrated some random ass daily holidays when I used to drink by that haha