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    Daily Devotional from Love Worth Finding Ministries

    MARCH 3

    "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21

    There are two mistakes people make about the devil. One, they get into
    demonology -- always studying, wondering, and talking about demons. Their focus
    gets on Satan rather than on the Lord Jesus. The Bible says we're to resist the
    devil; it doesn't say we're to chase him. On the other hand, there are those
    who are flippant about the devil. They have nicknames for him and think he's
    unrealistic. The truth is that we have a powerful adversary who is the devil.
    Peter likens him unto a roaring lion! A mature Christian recognizes that he has
    an enemy. He respects the power of the enemy. Then he clings to the power of
    the Lord Jesus Christ to overcome this great adversary.

    Is the lion prowling around your life? Take up the sword of the Spirit, the
    Word of God, and break free from his jaws of destruction.

  2. soot

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    Do people actually take that silliness seriously?
  3. Swiftstrike

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    I think most people started ignoring Lavoid's posts after he/she became a "Christian Zealot". I think in the past he was an atheist right?
  4. lavoidgaskins

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    No sir/mam, I was never an Atheist. If any thing, I was agnostic.

    Moving on, I disregard your claims as to if someone reads my post/threads. If you dissagree, you can simply look around. In any case, I don't post for fusion. Kepp in mind I'm out, and about in my father's business. To me, that's enough satisfaction.

    With that said, I pray you have an blessed day, as well as an blessed life.

    p.s: I'm an guy :)
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    Can you link these things for the sake of not plagiarizing (I'm assuming this is not something you've done alone)?

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