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Dad Suffocates Son While Playing Video Games


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Florida father was playing video games while he used his body weight to suffocate his six-year-old son on Christmas Eve, sheriff's deputies say.

I hope this man goes to prison and his girlfriend should be charged with something for just standing there watching this child being suffocated. What a couple of useless tools.

The other child that had to watch this will have to deal with it for the rest of his life. Hope the father never gets him back.



Registered Member
What can I say? I hope she gets charged too and I hope a sniper takes them out before they even get to a courtroom. Some people are garbage and those 2 people belong at the bottom of the landfill.


Registered Member
This is why I honestly believe some people should not be allowed to have children. I once heard a quote from a tv show about the idea of children raising children and how it was a recipe for disaster. This "man" may not have been a child at 31 years old but to me this action is the action of a child.


Registered Member
If there's justice in this world, those 2 "adults" will get the death penalty. Whether by law or by a "freak accident". This is absolutely disgusting.


Registered Member
There is no "allowed to have kids" - if you can manage male-female sex, a child is often a by-product.