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Games Dad shreds son's video game collection


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Real or fake, I don't even care. Wow...

Psycho Dad Shreds Son's Video Games - Video

It kind of sounded like the kid had something coming but maybe not something quite this extreme.

Would anybody else respond like this kid did?
I didn't actually watch the vid, but I can imagine how upset the kid was. I mean, for god's sake, the worst thing my mom ever did was take away whatever console I had at the time. Eventually, I learned to keep my mouth shut, because the more I said, the longer I'd be without it. Believe me, it upset me, but I know my parents wouldn't do something like shred a video game, especially one that they paid a lot for.


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Lol! I seriously doubt that anybody would get that close to a nutjob with a camera. They could lose their camera really fast. If it was real then they are both nutjobs.
I lost 2 of my favorite games last summer and I was not happy but I didnt scream. I just found other games to play. Gaming is fun but its really not a epic issue. Theres too many other things to do.
Btw welcome to the forum Tristan.
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If it is real the kid comes off as someone that's immature and probably was held up in his room all the time doing nothing more than playing video games. I bet the parents have told him before, or many times, to stop playing games all the time and do something and he wouldn't listen. So they resorted to destroying his games.