Dad Locked Up For Smacking Child


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Hmm i have to agree...but it is actually illegal to "smack" your children now..

But really..this is ridiculous .....

I must admit when i went shopping today with my 19month old i felt people looking more...i think that may have been me being slightly paranoid...but he really does resemble Baby P


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You've got to be able to disapline your child, it's not like you can impliment Super Nanny's naughty step in the middle of the day or late at night while you're out and about with your kid.


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Oh i agree...its all got highly OTT...but, that are committing a crime.

I wonder why this is the reason there are so many yobs and anti social youths about...because the system allows them .


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In someways this story is good as it show that the general public can be vigalant, at the same time the severity of the police/social actions are just ridiculous, I wonder where the exageration happened? Something somewhere has been blown out of proportion, maybe the person who reported it saw it as more than just a smack, maybe they described it in an inapporopriate manner, maybe the police/social got the wrong end of the stick and over reacted, perhaps and most likely is that the Sun has taken an event and inflated it slightly or the parents are cashing in on their misfortune and have to make their story worth every penny. Im not saying the events did not happen .....but do we really know to what level that they did happen.

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I wonder why this is the reason there are so many yobs and anti social youths about...because the system allows them .
I think bad parenting or more correctly lack of parenting is to blame for this. Combine a load of social factors like environment and culture and you can have a recipe for disaster that no amount of smacking would solve.
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I saw another version of this article earlier today. I'm surprised they locked him up overnight and released him next day AFTER they interviewed the witness. Had they bothered to really interview the witness before, he would have been spared that humiliation.


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That's total bull. I can guarantee you that had we children still be kids kids my mother would still give us whoopens no matter what the law says and I know parents now that do too and bully for them. Teaches the kids some lessons if you ask me.


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i think this story is deffinatly OTT. you have to be able to disiplne children properly. im totallu against child abuse/neglect like the whole baby P incident (which i think is awful) but a smack on the bottom is nothing. it deciplines the child. Nowadays you arnt allowed to hit kids by law--and look how all the kids of today are turning out?


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PC gone too far once again. I agree officials may be frazzled after the baby P thing but god... whatever happened to a thing called common sense? Seems to be ignored by a lot officials in this world of political correctness.


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This is the kind of bullshit that was being talked about in the other thread with the guy serving six years in prison based off of no evidence outside of the testimony of a child. We react to even the slightest possible problems with children with vicious haste and authority and criminalize decent people. The guy didn't dropkick his son or spike him like a football, he spanked him, DEAL WITH IT.

People are way too soft and they get way too whiny and defensive way too quick.