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Ok, normally I don't do intros for other people. But one of the first few members here (from 2001 or so) is back. How long will he be back? Only he can say that, but he is pretty cool. Everybody give a warm welcome to:

BlackDeatha, first joined 08/14/2000. MIA since around 2004 or so, with no real reason either.

I've bugged him for years and one day out of the blue, he decides to be cool once again. :)

Why is this news? Well, because it's not every day somebody so old school comes back.



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Im just kidding guys, good to be back, I think. Probably.

Yes, many will not know me, or have heard of me, or care, but here I am back, I used to post on Rares Hooters old forum, what ever happened to him I wonder?

Anyway hey all!
Well technically i've been with fusion-central since 2000...just not the same instance of it but whatever...anyways, welcome to the new