(D) Rep Barney Frank owns woman who thinks Obama is Hitler


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Mark and I watched and Mark says "Thank you for posting that. SERIOUSLY!"

But anyway, agreed. People like that woman are just stupid. She probably hasn't read anything about Obama's policies..

(not that I'm saying I'm for or against. I remain on the fence)

I just believe you shouldn't blindly support or undermine something you have done no real research on and know nothing about. That woman was clearly a dumbass.


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I mean, she obviously has the right to say what she believes and that's the one thing that bugged me slightly about Frank's retort but then again, she wasn't very tactful in her choosing and she couldn't have been expected to be taken seriously with her demeanor and choice of showmanship.


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Yeah, we need more Congressmen that run prostitution rings out of their apartments and run the banking industry into the ground:rolleyes:

I read that woman was a Lyndon LaRouche democrat who put up the sign to make fun of the real protesters. Nothing like a staged protester to get people riled up I always say:D


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I also wish we had more Congressmen who were rude, obnoxious, and immature in their dealing with the public. :rolleyes:

He's supposed to be the professional here. All I ever see him do is make a complete fool of himself. How can anybody take him seriously?

Anybody can mouth off and "own" somebody when they are verbally attacked or accused. It's the ones who exhibit self control and discipline in how they respond that earn my respect. It's called being mature. Barney Frank acted like a toddler in this video and it's not the first time either.


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Actually I rather like that he told her she's way off base. comparing Obama to Hitler is completely out of line and out of touch with reality.
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So was the left's comparison to Bush and Hitler.

I agree Hybrix, I don't see how anyone can take him seriously. BUT, I did find the comment about talking to her is like talking to a dining room table funny. I think I'm going to use that one:D
I like it because it's not that picture perfect typed up by a lawyer answer. He was a tad harsh, but overall I liked his answer he gave himself.


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'Toddler' or not, Frank spoke for millions of rational Americans who truly wonder where some of these people get their ideas.

Regarding the comparison of the egalitarian Obama to history's most notorious criminal, I am disappointed in some of the predictable comments I've seen. It was an moral outrage when it happened to Bush, but now it's no big deal.

Calling a La Douchie a Democrat, by the way, is like calling a crabapple a crab.