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cyberpunk 2077


New Member
I love a cheekbone slider as much as the next roleplayer, but the way I play games that have them is always the same—mess around with the options until I'm happy, and 20 minutes into the actual game realize I want to go back and change everything. Sometimes the way you look under the moody lighting of character creation is at odds with how you look in the harsh light of an open world, or you need to switch hairstyles because it clips through your clothes, or you realize you've made a regrettably extravagant tattoo decision. Thankfully, it's become common for games to let you change your appearance mid-game, whether by visiting a hairdresser, a plastic surgeon, or a magical mirror in a black market emporium under Kirkwall. Cyberpunk 2077 does not have any of these things. Which is surprising, given that it's a game where you can visit a ripperdoc to buy Gorilla Arms or get a second heart implanted in your chest. It's not just that there's no way to get a haircut, it's that there are no options for genre-appropriate body modifications like colorful synthskin or techhair. There are fully chrome NPCs in Night City, but no way to make V look like them. In Night City, "style is everything". But the only way to change your style is by wearing different clothes.
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