Cyber Jar Monday, June 12th 2006

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Out of all the Jar cards this can arguable be the best. In comparison to it's cousin Morphing Jar both can go back in forth in argument, but I think this would be the jar that wins the fight. Just think about it which one got banned and which didn't?

Awwwww the memories. In a Last Turn deck this card use to pimp. It would basically allow your opponent to lose any controll they may have had on you and give them absolutely crap. While on th either hand it would help you search out your last turn peaces to finish them off with. Obviously it was a bit of a problem so it's banned. Or was it.............

In the OCG Cyber Jar got it self banned because of it's playability with Victory Dragon. It was rather simple actually. Just destroy every thing on your opponents side of the field with a Heavy Storm and Cyber Jar and go in for the kill.

It's sad that this mighty card caught it self a banned that will probably never be up lifted. I was actually looking forward to using this since Dark Hole got banned. Oh wellZ.

Traditional: 4/5
Advanced: banned/5
I have had extensive play with this card ever since it's American release. Ah the memories. It's a great card none the less, but it seemed to lose alot of players because it seemed to help just as much as hurt in the later play. This card stopped seeing deck use once people found other cards to replace and control the field better.

It can be a great asset, but it can also cause mayhem. Imagine having your opponent flip this thing, then get a field full of monsters, and you get nothing. =/ Unless you have s/t control...your screwed. Too bad those days are long since over.

Traditional - 3/5
Advanced - Banned(4/5 for past use)


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The card you loved to hate and hated to love. This card always caused some minor anxiety as neither play knew if the result of its effect would be a plus or negative result. Always a sweating bullets situation.

The best was later on when people realized that all the monsters summoned by your opponent with ATK's over 1500 where removed courtesy of Bottomless Trap Hole. Unfortunately this card lost its playability not long before it got banned because it was too unpredictable for a metagame that relied on field control.

Will it come back, maybe. Will it be the staple it once was if it returns, doubtful.

Traditional: 3 out of 5
Advanced: Forbidden
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