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Cyber Dragon Wednesday, May 3rd 2006

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Now that i am a Mod's it's time we start the COTD up.

Cyber Dragon was instantly looked at as a so so card. When it was first released it was put out in the Soldier Format and every one was Airknight crazy. This all changed when the format changed. Cyber Dragon's playability became way more valuable then Airknight did and the sale prize shot up from $8 to $20+. So now we have this beast of a card, or do we?

Take a second to think about it. Cyber Dragon is good, but not great. The skilled players such as myself, and other good players know how to use this bad boy and know not to waste your hand with it. Other players on the other hand will drop n mst, noc, cd, and a reaper just to get tt to death. Playing like this will coast you the game.

My advice is to think before you let lose with this cards. In the standard CC deck you need to play your cards right or you will find this card isn't meant for you. If you are skilled then you already know what to do.

Oh just thought I would put this in. In it's own deck this thing rocks. Mix it with some OTK and you have some nasty metal dragons coming your way.
Not open for further replies.