Cutting Matt Stover

For those who don't know, Matt Stover (#3) was the kicker for the Ravens for the last 20-something years. This offseason we cut him from the roster and decided to go with Steven Hauschka, who got cut yesterday and now we've signed some other guy named Cundiff.

Now we play the Colts this Sunday and Stover was signed by the Colts not too long ago. As rough as that game will be on the Ravens as it is (let's face it, the Colts always have our number) it would be some true bullshit if the game was close and who else but Matt Stover kicks the game winning field Baltimore, as a Colt.

Most of us that when players get old they tend to lose some strength and Stover was losing some of his leg meaning he couldn't kick a FG beyond 40 yards that often. In any case, you SHOULD NOT cut a Hall of Fame player and replace him with someone who is mostly unknown.

To compare, picture the Colts getting rid of Peyton Manning tomorrow in favor of some random QB.


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Billy Cundiff is a pretty good kicker...FYI.

My question is long will Matt Stover be in Indianapolis anyways? Adam Vinatieri is going to be coming back here soon. Will the Colts cut Stover or keep both on the roster? Wouldn't it be something if Stover hits a last second field goal to beat Baltimore and then signs back with them later.

And would he even consider going back there. Who knows.


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Reminds me of John Carney. He's like 40 years old. He was still very accurate when he was with the Giants. But then I think they cut him cause Tynes was healthy again, so now he's kicking for the Saints and doing pretty well.

I think it's one of those 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' deals.
Stover will probably get the boot come the end of the season, if not sooner and then it's back to the drawing board for him. Even John Harbaugh thinks getting rid of him was a stupid decision because for once, kicking is now a problem for us, we could've beaten the Vikings in week 6 but Hauschka went too far a dome, no wind or nothing.

Prior to this season sending a kicker on the field was usually a guaranteed 3 points but given Hauschka that wasn't case, especially in moments when we needed it.

And if we play a hell of a game on Sunday and Stover beats us, I will be sick.
Hauschka went to Middlebury College, which is like 30 miles from where I live (or something like that), so I have had to listen about him getting cut for the past week on the local news. I'm tired of it. Ha.


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There were other Brown players to move with the Ravens but most of them left after a season or two. He was the only one left for many years.