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Customer Service


Better Call Saul
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How important is good customer service to you?

I find that if I'm at a store and I specifically need something customer service is huge for me in finding what I need. Sometimes, however, if I'm just browsing I don't really like them to keep asking me and pestering what I'm looking for but I guess it is good they are asking all the same.

I guess the biggest is on the phone though. I remember I was having some issues with my new blackberry and the girl I spoke with on the phone was so ridiculously nice and helpful. She was really professional and nice and I can't say enough about her; really made me feel like I made the right choice with AT & T.

In my line of work I try and talk to people how I know I'd want them to talk to me. Customer service is the main part of my job so it's a huge part of my life. Customer service is a huge pet peeve for me as well. Whenever I'm out I definitely judge people based off their customer service to me haha.

How about you people?


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good customer service is very important, honestly if i recieve bad service from a shop or something chances are i wont shop there again.
over the phone enquires annoy me when the people answering the phone cant help you because they barely speak any english.

ive worked in shops and things and i like to think that i give good customer service, or at least try to

i must admit i dont like when staff keep coming over and asking if i need any help when i just want to browse it sometimes makes me feel pressured to purchase something and hurry up lol


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I work in over-the-phone customer service and I'm one of the really nice people that'll do whatever it takes to help the customer out, even if it means occasionally breaking the rules.

Before working in customer service, I never noticed people being rude or not if I was buying something or needing to do something over ther phone. Now since I do, I notice it all the time. It is important to me that people aren't complete dick heads when needing to do something at the store, but like you, I hate when people keep asking me if I need help whenever I'm just browsing.


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In my line of work I try and talk to people how I know I'd want them to talk to me. Customer service is the main part of my job so it's a huge part of my life. Customer service is a huge pet peeve for me as well. Whenever I'm out I definitely judge people based off their customer service to me haha.

How about you people?
I feel much the same and your last paragraph says it all for me as well. Before becoming waitress, even though is menial job, I never had appreciations for customer services. I have learned it is not always easy to be nice or helpful to some, but when this becomes your job, it is what is expected of you, and what you must do.

I also have made judgments of people when I am out based on how well they serve in their role of customer service, in restaurants, shops and also through phone. I see nothing wrong with doing this as I feel like me when I work, this is their job to make me feel welcome, helped and even important no matter how small the service is.


Sally Twit
I hate them to run at me as soon as I enter a shop. I would rather they let me come to them if I need them.

I have had some shitty experiences on the phone. I hate it when they don't listen or sound bored. Sometimes they try to get you off the phone so quickly it's ridiculous. Where as other times they have been nice and helpful.

So yeah, good customer service is important but let me come to you.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've worked in retail and at a grocery store for a number of years. I always pride myself to give good customer service, even if I was really hungover. I just put myself in the customer shoes and tell mysel "how would I like to be treated if the roles were reversed". I definitely wouldn't want to get treated like shit.

That said, I had my limits to, if a customer treated me like a low life good for nothing employee, then he wouldn't get great service, that's for sure.


Embrace the Suck
You know, I was thinking about making this same thread just the other day. I was out of town on business on Wednesday, I think it was, and I ate at a BBQ place. The customer service there was exceptional. It was pretty much one guy, probably in his mid 50's, that was running around refilling drinks, he also pretty much ran around the counter to take my order, and the whole time was laughing and joking with everyone in the place. I gave him a few extra dollars over my regular tip just because of how good he was. The food was pretty good, but what will bring me back will be the service I received there.

And I thought about making a customer service thread but I forgot:p


I have been in retail for almost 11 years and believe me the customer is NOT always right so. . . . . . .

customer service is as good as the customer themselves.

customer service starts with the customer the better the customer the better the service.


yellow 4!
Good customer service, to me, is very important when I need help with getting something done.
In a restaurant or something however, it's not completely essential. More of a bonus. Obviously I prefer GCS but yeah, it won't ruin anything if it's not to be honest.
It's also important to me in the sense that I would always try and do my best to provide it in any job involving customer service. I've only had to do that when I worked in a shop, but I did it the best I could, mainly because you can really tell when a customer appreciates your helpfulness and kindness.


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Hugely important!! But some CS reps misunderstand what it's really about. It's not quantity of their presence, it's quality of what they do. When it comes to retail, I have very little need or desire for assistance. But when I do, I expect them to KNOW. It shocks me these days how low the expectations employers have of employees. Key to good CS though is are they really listening and know how to use their resources effectively? Is their nature helpful or are they just going through the motions.

One thing I've noticed though is how a customer can inspire good service. In other words, customers can't go in accusing or not taking any responsibility. Some customers think they have no accountability and that can cause a CS rep to not be as motivated. It's that old motto, "use honey, not lemon".
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