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Discuss Customer Service?


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Today marks the date that a book I ordered on Amazon is 2 weeks late being delivered.

I contacted Amazon to let them know that the package is nowhere to be found. They replied within 6 hours telling me that they've shipped a replacement order with 1 day shipping. If/when the original order shows up I will ship it back to Amazon so they can sell that one to someone else.

It was a pretty easy experience for me and I think they handled it pretty well, I know other companies aren't so good (Dell is a prime example that comes to mind for me)

Do you contact customer service often? Do you ever have any problems?


Problematic Shitlord
Do you contact customer service often? Do you ever have any problems?
I only call if something is grossly wrong. Having done enough customer service in my life, I try to solve my problems first. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any truly awful customer service I've dealt with unless you count a really, really horrible waitress at an IHOP as part of the discussion.


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From what I have heard about Amazon they are pretty good about replacing things. Takes the worry out of ordering from them.

I bet it was delivered to the wrong address so you may never get it.

I had to call the post office over them not delivering my electric and insurance payment. They were really no help. The lady I talked to tried and she was honest in telling me it will probably never be found.


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Mate, if I bought something that isn't as advertised, I would return because if I am spending a lot of money, I want high quality product.

Never had any issues so far though.