Cussing & Foul Language Policies


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Theres a big stink about this in my town right now. Apparently a Middle School took it upon themselves to create a new curriculum in "Foul Language-Education". Teachers were required to openly display a list of 21 words from the darkest corners of the English Language. Heres the Story:

Fresno, CA- Parents of a Tioga Middle School student are looking into filing a complaint, after their son was exposed to profanity by his teacher.

The 12-year-old says his teacher wrote a list of bad words on the chalkboard, and then asked the class not to use those words.

A spokesperson for the school says the words were introduced to the students as part of a lesson plan meant to curve the use of profanity on campus.

This doesnt make sense to me. The common method is to inform the students would be something to the effect of: "you know the words you're not supposed to use, now dont use them".... This school took it a step further in hopes of a shock treatment and actually manufactured a list of 21 words including the likes of but not limited to;
Cunt , Twat , Fuck , Shit , Asshole , Bastard , MotherFucker , Cock Sucker, etc etc.

Wouldn't the proper way to curb cussing be to make the punishments more uncomfortable?

Also, the parents who have reported this school to the District are being put on the Hush Hush. The full list of 21 "Foul Words" are being called "confidential" and will not be released willingly to the public as of yet. Obviously because the school knows its made a pretty bad decision in following through with this curriculum.

So heres the question. How should Cursing, Cussing, or Foul Language be handled in a school environment?


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This is stupid. I think the only thing it is going to do is to encourage the children to swear more and it also give them new words that they didn't know before. I think if children swear they should be shouted at and told to stand in the corner or something. Introducing them to new swear words isn't the way to go about it. When I was a child if we heard a new swear word it didn't shock us, we just found it amusing.


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Let them swear all they want. If you try to restrict people it will only make them want to do it more, when they are safe to do so.

I was called up on my swearing the other a kid who was likely 12/13. I was talking about Samuel L. Jackson and saying "Motherf---king" for humorous purposes, purposefully leaving out the central part of the word "Fuck". Later when I said to someone it was okay to swear as much as they wanted the kid asked me why I'd not swore earlier and censored myself. I told him I didn't need to, my purpose was to get a laugh which I got, it's not like I care if people want to swear but if it's not nesscaery there's no point in me doing so.

Someone who uses a word like fuck a lot, the word looses it's affectiveness after so long, if you use swear words sparingly and intelligently they can be great tools. Let the class F and blind their way through all these words, so that they no longer find them so aluring. They are after all only words.


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Exposure, whether we're talking drugs or anything else parents are afraid of these days, usually isn't a good idea when your audience isn't old enough to vote and still focused on rebelling against common rule and experimenting with whatever they can get. That'd be like showing a teen with a violent history how to make a bomb and then tell him why that's bad.

Now of course, we're talking about language here, something that can never physically hurt anybody (mental pain is your own fault). Rather than teaching kids that there is such thing as "bad" or "wrong" language, we should be teaching them the power of words and why those words conjure up such problems. Giving them a list, I'm not so sure is a great idea however.
They're wasting their time worrying about dumb shit like this, especially since there's a good chance many of those kids hear those words from their parents anyway.


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Oh wow, i wish my teachers were that stupid when i was in high school.

But let's face it, in this day and age by the time a kid reaches 12 they know probably half of those swears anyway; i know i did.