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still nobody's bitch
Pam said "cuss" in another thread and it made me lol because I didn't think people actually used the word "cuss" outside of movies and books.

Which colloquialism do you use?

I say "swear"


It's not me, it's you.
Cuss is more common in the area I live in. I know because of this site I started saying curse instead (because I liked it better), and I got made fun of for saying that around here.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I use "cuss" probably because of my age (30). It's always been the word chosen by my peers and folks 10 years older than me or less, approximately. To me "curse" and "swear" sound a little too vaudeville. :lol:

---Ms. Jeanie, if it's ok with you I'd like to add a few more questions to the topic in here:

Do you cuss/curse/swear often? Why or why not? What do you think of those that do?


yellow 4!
I always, always, always use the word swear. swear words

Cuss sounds kind of strange to me and makes me think of pus, gross, and curse always makes me think of voodoo and spells, not swearing. Nobody really says them where I'm from. I do see them written a lot on the internets though obviously.

Dio's Q;
I very rarely swear. I've probably said fuck and shit only a small handful of times in my entire life lol. It's not that it bothers me whatsoever, I don't care at all when other people swear (my mum has the biggest potty mouth ever, though you wouldn't think it). I have this memory of saying the f word when I was younger and my brother laughed and said it didn't suit me. I don't think I've said it out loud more than twice since :hah: his comment must have been influential.

If a situation calls for swearing, I say crap and bollocks from time to time as replacements. I don't really consider them proper swear words but yeah.

And like I said, doesn't bother me at all when others swear. I seem to tell people off for swearing sometimes but I don't know why. In a jokey way, I mean.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use cuss, I guess because people around here say that.

I don't cuss often only when the situation calls for it. I also don't think much one way or the other of people that use a cuss words. The only time it bothers me is when I'm around someone and just about every word out of their mouth is a cuss word and they are aiming it at someone.


I swear more than I should but rarely out in public or in front of old people.

I've been doing it for 20+ years, can't stop now.

If it's not every other word, then I have no problem with people who do it.


Registered Member
I say swear. As an Englishman I think saying "cuss" would lead to us getting swore at. I've heard a few people say "curse" but it wouldn't sound right coming from me.


I ♥ Haters
I use both "swear" and "cuss." The only people I've ever seen use "curse" are really old people.

Also, I tend to drop the f-bomb on the interwebz a lot, but I don't swear that much in real life. Especially not in public and at work. Among friends, yes very.


Sally Twit
I always say 'swear'. The other two words are not commonly used in the UK. In fact, 'curse' is a very American word in my opinion.

I swear every single fucking day. It's usually playful, but at work I get pretty stressed and mad with people. I swear at the PC a lot and it makes people laugh. Suppose that encourages me to do it more lol.