Curveball drabble


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I told Sui to give me ideas. He gave me curve ball.

It all started on a dreary day in December. The peasants in the mythical land of Genefor were all in a tizzy. All of their old games had lost their appeal and the days just seemed to draw on forever. Left and right people were dropping like flies from sheer boredom. After numerous town meetings on the subject it appeared as though the wise king Hybrix had finally seen the light of reason. He promised relief.

After what seemed like a fortnight the King emerged out of the castle with only two planks and a giant rubber slime creature. “Lords and Ladies, gather round. Look no further for your source of glee. Do not be alarmed by the simple premise. I assure you that this will be fun indeed.” The peasants were aghast. Two planks and one slime? Who in their right mind would agree to that as a game?

“Lord Corps,” King Hybrix had bellowed, “come forth and meet with me. If you would kindly walk to the top of this tower with one of the planks.” Corps had a look of terror on his face. It wasn’t out of the King’s character to propose generally ridiculous ideas. Let’s not forget the massive migration scheme he had hatched claiming the land would be more fertile, thus adding to the activity of its members.

Looking justly dejected Corps had reached the top of the ladder, plank in hand, and looked down at the king. “Kind King, I have reached the top of the tower. What shall I do?” Looking down to the king seemed like a great feat indeed. This tower was not your average tower. It was taller than the mightiest tree that stood on their land. The King smiled subtly as he sensed the confusion on young Corps face.

“Do not be alarmed, I kindly ask that you look down the center of the tower. I will be inside in a moment.” It was at that time that Corps finally realized the giant hole in the center of the tower. He jumped back in surprise and was lucky to have caught himself in time. The King had opened the door at the base and walked in. “Lord Corps, please be so generous as to get hold your plank out in anticipation. All I ask is that you hit the slime back down to me.”

King Hybrix had gently hit the slime with his plank, sending it bouncing up the chute and towards the top. Corps did not miss a beat. He finally understood what the King had set up. Corps hit it back down with all his might, sending the slime bouncing back and forth on the walls as it reached it’s destination.

[FONT=&quot]The peasants were all waiting outside in anticipation. What on earth was going on in that tower? It was not until the heard Lord Corps let out a yell of glee that they knew the game had ended. “Fellow villagers. Lend me your ears. I do hereby proclaim that this is great fun. Where is my next challenger?” The villagers had all rushed forward in anticipation to read the rules for the new game, hereby dubbed Curveball. It has been a classic ever since.[/FONT]