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'Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher' or how to be a crazy parent


Ok. Firstly, I suggest you read the first post in this thread so you totally get what I'm walking about here.

Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher - The Something Awful Forums

If you read all of the pages in that first post, you should be scratching your head in confusion right about now. If you didn't, I'll try to sum things up for you, but you really should look at the link.

Basically, a teacher (who was white) apparently slapped some 4th graders, both of whom were black, in Missouri. Now that, in and of itself, is bad. Even if you support the idea of children being punished by spankings, I think we can all agree teachers just walking into the halls and slapping the shit out of kids is a bad thing. But the slapping isn't the note-worthy part of the story. Essentially, the mother of one of the children gets very upset about this, and proceeds to show it in one of the craziest ways possible.

Instead of just bringing up the issue with the principal or Board of Education or the like, she writes out a 40 page letter/bill and sends it to the Superintendent of the school district. In this letter, she does the following:

  • Demand payment in the amount of $250,000
  • Demand that the payment be made in the form of Money Order or Silver Coinage because the school system "allowed a 'bad' teacher to be part of your system. You might give me a 'bad' check"
  • States that anytime anyone in the school district touches her son, they will get another bill for $50,000
  • Demands a series of all-expenses-paid trips to visit various important people such as Barack Obama, Louis Farakkan, and others
  • A variety of lessons or tutoring sessions for the next nine years, fully paid of course
  • A fully paid for college education, up to a Masters Degree
  • Their mortgage to be fully paid off
  • Free health care
Seriously, the list of demands is ridiculous. It gets worse because the next 14 pages of the letter are apparently demands for similar things for teachers and school district employees that she likes. Also, someone apparently did the math and her list of demands comes out to around $10,000,000. She then goes into a long diatribe about how the entire system is designed to keep black people down. The great part is that the craziest part is still to come.

The mother then goes on to lay out her rules that any interview with her, her husband, or their son, will require a personal speaking fee of $3,000 per meeting segment for the parents and $5,000 for Curtis. Also, she then states that using any of their names, images, or likenesses, even in court documents, requires licensing rites. This explains why, throughout the entire document, she puts the © symbol after their names.

Then, to top it all off, she apparently printed off dozens and dozens of copies of this 40 page letter and CC'd them to Senators, Representatives, and the President, First Lady, and Vice President, among others (there are apparently four solid pages of CC recipients).

So, with all that being said, the question I pose to you all is this: Do you think she was serious? Or do you think that she was being purposefully outlandish to make a statement? Or, do you think she is just an attention whore? I honestly can't decide on which one seems most likely. Parts of it seem legit, but other parts are just so out there (like the copyright thing) that I can't see any sane person seriously thinking this will work.
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Where is my Queen?
This is plain ridiculous! Now, I personally think that she is an attention getter. I also think that she really expects that she will get some of these demands. This is ridiculous. This bill looks like a joke. "Curtis Bowen got slapped by a white teacher". Come on! :lol: This page made me lmao! :lol: Now I do know a lot of black people and only some expect to get paid back all the way from the days of slavery, but come on. If it was a black teacher that slapped Curtis, I bet she wouldn't of done this. Possible reverse racism. I don't know.



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I think she is probably a little crazy as well as being a very concerned parent.
But she's letting the crazy part take control......it definitely should be worked out much differently.


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I couldn't open the link due to my works firewall but I did find this link.

The believability factor was lost when she wanted over $13k in Walmart gift cards....... :lol: Come on, she should have went uptown and requested Target gift cards............
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Or, do you think she is just an attention whore?
Oh god yes. This is reverse racism at it's worse. She's using the fact that this woman is white to try to extort ten million dollars from the government. She's a lunatic and I wouldn't be shocked to see a lot of dirt on her life coming out soon.


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I smell a whore for attention, demanding money for college, mortgage payments...and interviews?!!?! She must really think her story on this is that important people would wanna hear about it. Should the teacher be disciplined, yes. With current laws and regulations she should be dismissed from her duties. But, nothing to this extreme.

What a [email protected] lady in general.



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After reading this, I have decided that any time I am request to attend a meeting at work I will let the management team know that there is going to be an appearance fee. Hmmmmm, I wonder how much I should charge??? Sounds like I'll need an agent....... :lol::lol:


I ♥ Haters
The teacher slapping the kids, is pretty bad and hell yes, she needs to be disciplined. But that doesn't mean Mrs. Crazy Pants should try to take the government for 10 million dollars. Thats just absurd. And she trademarked her kid's name! Haha! She even mentioned her kid as her "intellectual property." What a crazy broad. Can we say Attention Whore?