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    I am currently reading a book called "The End of Mr. Y". In it they raise questions about curses and I thought it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.


  2. Merc

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    Curses are bullshit.

    Point and case: the 2004 Boston Red Sox. They finally said "fuck the curse" and they won it all. Curses are superstitious nonsense that work much in the same way placebo medicine does. People believe in them so deeply that they end up contorting their realities to fit curses into their lives. Some guy thinks he's cursed with bad luck and buys $100 of lottery tickets and only wins $10 when if he wasn't so superstitious, he'd realize that he's lucky to have had a 10% return since most lottery tickets have crazy odds in the first place.
  3. Mirage

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    To be fair, I think you are confusing the term curse with jinx.

    jinx: Definition, Synonyms from

    1. A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck.
    2. A condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.

    curse: Definition, Synonyms from

    1. An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something.
    2. The evil or misfortune that comes in or as if in response to such an appeal: bewailed the curse of ill health.

    It's possible to believe in them independently of each other, meaning you might believe in curses but not jinxes, or the other way around.

    Generally in order to truly believe in curses you would also have to believe in a higher power(s), including good and evil spirits, while the common definition of jinx is much more simplistic and deals primarily with superstition not necessarily tied to any form of spiritual realm.
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    All words can have some degree of power. I believe the intent, the use, even the origins of some languages can be based in power or strength of some kind. But the common word spoken today has no more power than an elderly person trying to blow you over with a breath, not truly. Languages have a habit if changing and filtering through the ages so curses, if they did once exist and had power, would have been watered down and siphoned off as they lost their potency until they're no more a curse than a swearword is. :dunno:

    So while I don't believe in curses in the form of Egyptian mummy's or witches screaming in the night, I think at one point, a certain language, or languages, may have existed in a time where power flowed and existed everywhere. I'm going off on a tangent of what I believe here, so bear with me - but in such a case, where even words could have power and strength, perhaps then they could be used as a weapon of some sort. Who knows? :dunno:

    It's all about energy. Energy is everywhere, it flows through everything. Perhaps even in words, who knows?

    I'm'a have to disagree with you here, personally. As I mentioned above, I believe that it's possible (note, possible) that power of that sort could exist perfectly fine without any kind of higher order or beings. After all, I don't believe in God or Gaia or anything like that but I can recognize the miracle that is Life. That right there is a power that runs through everyone and eveything around us, no?

    See, I believe that everything comes down to energy. Energy is used in everything that exists, in some form or another. It can be moved, transferred, spent, but ultimately, cannot be destroyed or created. So who's to say that a presence of God, or any deity, is required for that energy to exist? Energy is power, we know that. But we can never know if there's a limit to what that energy could do.

    I'm babbling, I know, but I just have a lot of beliefs on the topic of energy. Besides, I'm tired. :D
  5. Merc

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    No. I'm not.

    They're interchangable when discussing luck, the definition you provided shows that.

    If you're picking and choosing definitions, sure.

    Curses are not always aligned with religion or believing in higher powers. That's just how society sees it.
  6. Boredie

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    I agree with you completely on this. I want to elaborate but I can't find the exact words.
    I'll give you an example.
    People use the phrase "abra kedabra" as a phrase for using magic. The words have meaning in Hebrew (with a slight change in the way it is pronounced) "Evra Kedabera" means I will create as I speak.
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