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I was thinking of relisting my Curse of Cars auction but I know it needs to be revamped. Any ideas would be great! I know I need to shorten it because even I scroll through the REALLy long descriptions...

There's the link... I made that listing before I became an AS member and now I think with the help from everyone, I may be able to get it off the ground :D


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Woweeee! thats a long story...Funny as all get out though! eBay may not let it stay up too long. Not sure. Maybe the keys and curse. But as soon as you include the car they seem to think it needs to be in ebay motors. Be careful of your wording. and Good Luck with it Iggy.


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can you just sell the keys......and not mention the car??? make it a mystery for sure.....I dunno <scratching head>


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They didnt pull the auction last time or make me move it... but thats not to say that it just didnt go unnoticed ya know? I'm still contemplating this and trying to give the most information with the least amount of type and still have humor in it... so far I've come up with

"Bad Luck With Cars... Please buy curse. You'll get the keys."