Curry and Chandler


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We all know that these players entered the league at a young age with so much potential. It took them time to live up to that potential but I think they finally got there. Chandler is having an awesome season with the Hornets he's been a rebouding machine of late. He just needs to develop a jump shot, then he should become even better, but he's not a bust anymore. Now Curry has been playing really well the last few seasons but this is his best year yet, he was almost an all star and he's helping the Knicks to a playoff watch. He's not the next Shaq like he was labeled but he's one of the best Centers in the Eastern Conference.

Curry has stepped up his game big. Especially rebounding. A few years ago he was one of the worst rebouding centers. Now he's okay. Chandler has always been able to grab almost 10 rpg. But what he does now is ridiculous. I also like Chandlers role. He's only there for the rebounds and inside presence. Todays game is dominated by perimeter players.



Both players have developed into solid pieces for their team, and I feel as if the Bulls made a major mistake in getting rid of these guys. Ben Wallace and PJ Brown are good for the here and now, but they are both getting old.


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Curry and Chandler are both feel good stories IMO. Even though it makes for compelling stories, I just hate to see players be labeled as busts sometimes. They probably won't ever live up to their lofty expectations, but at least they'll be solid NBA contributors.


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TGD1987 even though there just starting to prodcue like they were expected too when they came in the league doesn't mean they won't get better then they're right now. Big men take way longer to developpe then others. There still young even though it seems they've been in the league forever. I think this is just the start for these too. They might be a force to wreckon with in the near future.