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Current Job vs. Dream Job


Sally Twit
Are you in your dream job already? How different is your current job to your dream job?

I have worked for the same IT company for almost 7 years and I couldn't be more fed up of it. I started as an Office Junior when I was 19 and after several job changes in the same company I am now a Sales Administrator. I am capable of so much more.

As many of you know, my dream is to be a counsellor and the only thing stopping me is the money. If I can't start college in September then I am going to try very hard to make a start next year.


Well-Known Member
I currently work as a skater at Sonic Drive-In, it's not exactly what you would call a good job, I get payed minimum wage plus tips (they are considering moving to tip wage) however the working conditions can be miserable at times with temperatures reaching over 100 and having to work while you are sick (occasionally), the bosses have absolutely no respect for employees. As far as most of them are concerned we are simply expendable resources.

My dream job is to be an author, I'm working on a nine part book series right now and while no I'm not even close to being done that is what I spend a lot of my free time doing (I decided to cut down on the Nintendo). I hope to be a success in the writing field one day and this is what I want to do.

Obviously these two jobs are not similar in any way. Writing my series and being my own boss is my dream job though.

I will be going to college for IT nonetheless, computers are something that I enjoy a lot, writing will be on the side, I feel as if I already have all the skills I need, I just need to get the story done.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I currently enjoy my job, but it's not even close of being my dream job. My dream job is either being a professional Basketball/Hockey/Baseball player, or being a sports broadcaster. I know that's never going to happen in a million years though. I wish my English was better, if it was I would of definitely went to College for TV-Broadcasting.

That said, I enjoy my current employment, I make great money, and work for a respectable orginazation.


Registered Member
I'm in my dream job. I'm a writer and love every aspect of it. It's not glamorous, or very well paid, but it keeps me happy and that's what matters.


Current job: Part time work at a Gourmet Pizza Bar

Dream Job: Working in a high-end animation and or visual effects studio. Something like Pixar, DreamWorks, Weta Digital, Animal Logic etc. Working as a character animator or concept artist.


A Darker Knight
I don't really have a job right now except for school and a small part time job, but I've always thought it'd be great to write for comedy shows like Colbert Report/Daily Show or the Simpsons. stuff like that.

unfortunately, I don't have the wit or the writing skills.