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curious what do you collect or what are you passioniate about.


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dize said:
BTW I have a listing for a drawing that has a bald eagle in it if you want to look.

Thanks for letting me know ..Im watching it


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OK I'll give you all ONE guess what I collect :lol: Just things I like....not so much for value.

Angel.....never thought egotistical when seeing your name! Yes, I too thought it was angel speak but I gave up trying to figure out names a long time ago (hey that would make a good thread....what does your user name mean or where did it come from) I like either way...angel speak or angels peak.

Tony....have you checked out the Hello Kitty stuff at EPCOT? Japan (or is it China...where ever they are from....I forget) They have TONS of stuff!

Have a few snowglobes too....all but one from you know where :D

Funny about teapots (seems to be the thing) I just started picking up a few (that place again) to put above my cupboards cuz I couldn't think of anything else to put up there and it really needs something (HIGH ceilings)! A few cookie jars mixed in. They are bigger ones though....not the dainty english type ones.

Guess that about covers it except....

Tater! Now you know we HAVE to know what that other thing is!!!

psssstttt everyone: Night's afraid of dolls :D This from a guy who has Chucky????


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I collect Horse figurines, Paintings.. anything that has horses.
Of course with 3 kids a LOT of my horse stuff gets broken so seems like I have less & less every year...LOL
My one prized possession is a painting I found at a thrift shop of 2 horses that was the EXACT same painting my mother had hanging in the house when I was very little. The only difference was my moms was on cardboard.. a reproduction of the original & this one IS the original with a nice wooden frame behind glass. The lady sold it to me for 100 bucks after I told her about my mom. It was a great deal and it hangs above my computer desk where I can see it all the time :)


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Tony, I wish I had known you collect Hello Kitty, I have a sis-in-law in Japan along with the cutest nephew you ever saw....anyway, she use to send the girls Hell Kitty stuff all the time (most od which they gave away). My oldest still has the little chocolates she sent about 3 years ago. Next ime I talk to her, I'll see if she can find anything original!


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Thanks Denise! You find anything let me know...I'm always on the hunt for more for her.


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i collect electonics, and those homies from the vending machines.

i also collect buttons that say silly stuff, or were part of an ad campaign.

i also collect dust sometimes