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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    I know i have created this thread before on these forums, but it's been a long time since then, and now we have a new bunch of mature people on these forums.

    Like the subject says do you think they already have a cure for cancer, but they just don't want to tell people. I personally think so, because they make billions of dollars in charities for medical research. If they would tell people they found it, then that's billions of dollars they would lose every year.


  2. Ds136

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    Do they have a cure for cancer? I truely do not believe they don't yet, same goes for aids. Is there a conspiracy slowing the advancement of a cure for cancer or aids, POSSIBLY.

    Pharmecutical (sp?) companies make an ungodly ammount of money off of people being sick and having dieseases, it is probably one of the most powerful and largest business out there, however it is an oversight by most people.

    I honestly don't know if there will be a cure for cancer anytime soon, not because of some big cover up, but just due to the fact of cancer that it is a changing living thing that has many different forms. Will we find a cure for a certain kind of cancer (ie breast cancer) probably. I seriously doubt we will find an all encompassing cure that gets rid of cancer. People like to think that cancer is one thing and that it is like small pox or something and when they have a cure we will go get our cancer shots and be immune to it.

    Once there is a cure, there isn't going to be anyway in the world that someone will beable to hide it, it's to big of a scientific achievement.
  3. Mecha

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    Haven't thought of that. But, the bigger problem is just a step farther in thought: People are not paying attention to the dramatic increase in cancer, particularly the causes thereof. Benefiting both sides (those who cause it, those who cure/treat it) more than simply hording charity. If you're going conspiracy-side, think big.

  4. Izzibeth

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    this is really an interesting subject. do i believe there is a cure for cancer as a whole? no. but if people don't believe that there are cover-ups for cures then you may be interested in reading more about this: Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

    wonderful news, right? apparently not. because those against the vaccine say it will "encourage women to be promiscuous." therefore, it should not be made readily available to all women. see here

    for things like AIDS and various forms of cancer, i believe that perhaps research isn't as fruitful as it could be because the money is simply too good in those fields. and i'm sure that if a cure for AIDS was found, conservatives (they are the main attackers of the Ovarian Cancer vaccine) would say the same thing... the cure would be encouraging people to be promiscuous and so it should not be made readily available to all who seek it. so...#1. too much money being made off of people seeking treatment for AIDS and cancers #2. opponents slither out of the woodwork crying "sexual decency" and more when vaccines and cures seem to be on the rise and who wants to deal with that?

    we may not have a cure for "cancer" and AIDS but... if we did, i don't think we would hear about it for a while.
  5. scitsofreaky

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    It seems unlikely that "they" have a cure for cancer considering a lack of knowedge of how cells repair DNA.
    Another problem is consistency. Why would "they" release a drug that prevents cervicle cancer? Cancer vaccines seem to be a logical way for them to make even more money because if they found every type of cancer has a vaccine, or that there is some magic shot that prevents any cancer everyone capable would get them/it, instead of the relitively few that actually get cancer. Besides, if cancer kills someone, it takes them off the market for the companies' other drugs.
  6. FCXShogun

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    Humm I think Ive read an article about how they managed to "trick" cancer to destroy themselves (something like that cant really remember) anyway well there are some conspiracy theories concerning this matter but Im not sure if they are reliable but yeah I do agree tho they spent lots of money each year in that area of research and I mean the common sense would be that they would have at least made some progress in finding the cure...
  7. scitsofreaky

    scitsofreaky Registered Member

    Here is one search on just recent breakthroughs in cancer treatment.
  8. Merc

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    See, now that pisses me off. If we ever succeeded in cures for AIDS or Cancer, these dumb, crusty, old farts would battle it.

    "The homosexuals will run rampant and spread promiscuity to the world!"

    People like that need buckshot aspirin injected straight into the brain.
  9. Ds136

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    They have made tremendous research from when we first started researching the matter. However because the nature of cancer is so complicated and it is always changing and it has many different forms, its not something you can easily get rid of.
  10. scitsofreaky

    scitsofreaky Registered Member

    That's an understatement. Cancer cells are your own cells run amuck, which is why treatment is so difficult. It is also why the current treatments make people so sick. I think it is amazing that they are as targeted as they are. It seems like people are expecting a magic bullet, but that is unlikely with such a dynamic enemy.

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