Cure For Aids Coming?


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It's scary... I wouldn't risk it yet....long term effects???

I like what I read at Credo Mutwa's ( African Shaman) site... He said that he found a plant that cures Aids..

Not much profit in it for the drug companies....

Credo Mutwa reveals AIDS Treatment

Credo: "I wish to appeal to the world. First, I am not a quack or a charlatan or a sensationalist. I am an old man who has seen much. I wish the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa.

It is a plant which is almost on the point of extinction, a plant called ’Suderlandia Fructosate’. This plant works miracles on people who have the terrible disease called Aids. And it is so miraculous that the miracles are seen within a week or a fortnight. A person, who was lying down on the point of death, when given this plant, rises and has much energy and is free of depression and has a good appetite. And I feel that as a nation as a matter of world emergency because the big scientists have not produced a viable safe treatment for aids. I say that this plant should be planted by all caring governments, by all caring organizations and that it should be given to human beings free of charge."

Steve: "Absolutely. You know what I think is important though Credo, that people understand what to do with the plant."

Credo: "They don’t do nothing sir, you are going to laugh about this. You plant the plant okay, but then you take the little leaves from it and you put them in a tea cup and you pour much boiling water on it. And then you let the cup stand there, like tea you know, and you just drink, the patient just drinks."

Steve: "The leaves and the red flower?"

Credo: "Yah."

Steve: "Mix them together? Do you need to dry them first?"

Credo: "No you can take them straight from the garden, because if you dry them too much they somehow loose some of their good spirit. Now this is all you do. Now, there are good doctors I’m working with who are making pills out of this medicine. But you know sir, I feel we are faced with a national emergency, a world emergency.

You know sir, what I say is this. I can’t cure the people of Africa without curing the people of the Caribbean, because Aids is running around the world. If I cure the people here and they get better, more Aids will come in and eat the same people whom I tried to cure. So the whole world must be cured. Look, can we say this? Nobody will arrest us or anything?"


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Firstly, it's not a cure for HIV. It's simply a anti-depressant/excitant/immune booster, but the full range of it's effects are not proven or documented. If it really does cure AIDS, the scientific community would be all over it by now.