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TV Curb Your Enthusiasm


Registered Member
I am really enthusing over this show! I've watched to the end of season 3 so far and it never fails to bring some really good deep laughs from me.
I'm not sure how popular the show is in the US, but in the UK it's not too well known, I thought I would spread the word anyway.
Anyone else a fan? :)


Registered Member
Easily one of the best shows I've ever seen. I have a friend that is essentially a young version of Larry David, and it cracks me up every time I watch the show.


Registered Member
Love it, one of my all time favourite shows and very under-rated here in the uk in terms of audiences. Just gets better and better, although am getting fidgety with the new season, not because it isn't funny (I'd say its funniest yet so far) but rather as it was billed as "Larry back in New York" and 4 eps in and he's still in LA.


Registered Member
Man, I wished I liked it more than I do. It's certainly very highly regarded, isn't it? I think Larry David is a major talent with a real eye for comedy, so I'm a bit befuddled as to why I haven't taken to this yet. I've seen at least ten or so episodes so far, so I'm hoping my mind can be changed on this.