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Discussion in 'Food & Beverage' started by Twitch, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Twitch

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    Have you ever visited a place far from where you live, and the food there was different?

    Recently I went to California. My brother brought my parents and I to this Mexican eating place. I wouldn't call it a restaurant, it was almost a fast-food place.

    I had a chicken taco, meat taco, baked beans and Spanish rice. It's something I would never get where I live, but it was very good.

    I also got a breakfast burrito. It had egg, sausage, hash browns, and gravy. One of the best things I've ever eaten. Here, we can only get an sausage (or bacon) egg and cheese on bread/bagel. I've never had gravy with breakfast, either.

    There was also some sodas that I'd never heard of.. I can't remember the name though.

  2. Xeilo

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    When I was in Thailand there are heaps of restaurants that cater for all times of nationality. So you can pretty much eat any kind of food there is.
  3. Rebeccaaa

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    Typical American :lol:

    Yes, lots of times. I was a bit apprehensive about what I'd be eating when I went to Portugal, since I'm not a big seafood fan. I had paella for the first time there though, which was yummy. By the end of the trip I didn't even mind if something still had its eyes intact. :-o
  4. Tucker

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    The 'soda' here in exotic Cali could have been horchata, jamaica, or tamarindo. Names sound famliar at all?
    Agreed, it is! My second ex-mother-in-law was the daughter of the pre-Franco governor of Aragon and used to put out hyoooj pots of paella. Not an easy recipe, that 'un.
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  5. Nixola

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    I have been to other countries that have had different food. I went to Switzerland over new year time 07/08 to visit one of my friends and they had a new years day dinner and all the food they had was so different. they had weird sausages and pork and meat, and some sort of meaty pie thing which was very tasty, the pastry was really nice. and they had little things to nibble on in the centre of the table which isnt so weird, but the one thing I found weird was that they had a bowl of chocolate popcorn....:confused:. It was tasty nonetheless.

    I have also been to places like Spain where their food is different too and I enjoyed it.
  6. AeonFlux

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    I've never actually been outside of the country, but there are definitely foods that stand out regionally from my travels within the U.S.

    Cheese curds stand out to me for the Midwest. Having grown up here, it was a shock to realize that they aren't available everywhere in the country, because they are such a common treat here. The fried version especially is sooo good, but is so bad for you. Also brats are big here.

    When I went to California when I was younger, the food that stood out was sourdough bread. That can be found all across the country, of course, but it was served at every single restaurant I went to there, and as a kid, I wasn't too thrilled about that because I liked plain white bread and the sourdough tasted yucky to me.

    In Hawaii, SPAM and pineapple were everywhere!! The pineapple wasn't too surprising to me, though it was unexpected when I went to McDonalds and was given a bowl of fresh pineapple with my value meal. Now the SPAM was something I wasn't expecting. It is given a great deal more respect there than it is on the mainland, that's for sure.

    The last region specific food, or actually city specific food, that comes to mind is Philly Cheesesteak. I've had versions of it in other places of course, but they don't even shine a light to a real Philly Cheesesteak from Philadelphia. I discovered this last weekend.
  7. sb1732

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    I haven't been overseas for a while so i can't really remember the food to well.

    When i was about 10 or something we went to France and the only memory i have of the food is the steak there. It was either raw or burnt. Haha anyway...

    I've lived in England and the foods pretty much the same as here really. Except the Indian food in England is so much better, although i don't think the Indian restaurants in England are all that authentic anyway.

    I went to Hong Kong a couple of years back, and i have to admit for the 2 days i was there i don't think i ate anything but mcdonalds pretty much. :s I like 'English' Chinese food but i can't really take the really authentic stuff. Stupid, i know.
  8. icegoat63

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    Yup, Being in California I'm bombarded with Mexican food at all times of the year. I had to laugh at how you said you've never had gravy with breakfast... seriously? That is insane hahaha, I grew up with Biscuits & Gravy, Chicken Fried Steak Eggs & Gravy, brace yourself, hot cakes & gravy :hah:

    The cool thing about California is that it is so big. Here in Fresno we get soooo many different versions of Mexican food that I swear if I were to go to Mexico I could probably pinpoint where each restaurant came from just by their Asada Tacos! Same thing when I went to Santa Maria. Real good mexican food isnt just Mexican food, for instance you can tell whether its from El Bajio Valley or Baja.

    Unfortunately I havent traveled abroad much, so the craziest I've ever been to was in Nevada where they thought we were crazy for asking for Ranch with my pizza. Apparently that habit hasnt really spread much outside of California yet but the lady behind the counter did say "you guys must be from California right? Weirdos" :hah:

    The Central valley is good about being a "Testing Grounds" for stuff that doesn't usually get released immediately to the rest of the states, shoot we had Code Red Mountain Dew and Baja Mountain Dew about 2 years before my cousins ever heard of it in Virginia :hah: Same thing with the "After Midnight Taco" Flavored Doritos, which are good times also... soooo directed at stoners though lol.

    BTW, Horchata is about the equivalent of an orgasm in your mouth. Looks about the same to, but damn its sooooo damn good. For those who arent familiar, its like a Rice Milk & Cinamon drink. Dont believe its carbonated, but I could be wrong.
  9. Twitch

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    People here have ranch dressing on their pizza too. Especially on bacon pizza.
    Nah, it wasn't that exotic of a name..

    It was on the soda dispenser, I think my brother said it was Iced Tea, or some kind of Cola with Iced Tea.
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  10. ysabel

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    Yes because I travelled a lot in Asia, North America and Europe. Each time, I like to taste local food and it's such a delight to discover the differences. Sometimes I'd miss the food because I know I can never really get them when I go back home.

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