Cue Epic Voice: HALO 3 LAUNCH



I work at a gamestore as a 3rd key manager(yeah...they don't hire anybody y'know), and our launch for Halo 3 is going to be epic.

We will have pizza, a Pepsi distributor(fully loaded with Mountain Dew Game Fuel fully loaded with caffeine fully loaded with energy).

Anyways, it'll be the biggest entertainment launch in the history of mankind's domination over entertainment. Personally, I'm not a Halo fan but I'm getting it anyways.

So.....who is getting this game?

I might just stay at home and play World in Conflict.


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My god some kid at school would not shut up about that. He was practically reciting all the major dates throughout the also history. He said he was going to go 4 hours early to best buy and he made a helmet too...


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Yeah might want to check the Xbox section.

But yeah I'm excited but at the same time the anticipation was killing me for halo 2. Time seems to be flying by for the Halo 3 release.