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    The Cubs have a strong chance to make the playoffs and possibly win it all this season. They have a good starting rotation, their bullpen is pretty solid and their batting line-up is looking pretty good.

    What are your expectations on the Cubs this season?

    Side Note: Millz, I know you hate them with a passion, but give me your thoughts on how do you think they are going to do, and not how much you hate them :lol:

  2. Millz

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    I love how you added that side note, that's hilarious. I do believe I can give a non-biased opinion on them though. I think...

    I actually am friends with about 4 or 5 REALLY hardcore Cub fans so I can echo some of the things they've said about the offseason. Alot of them aren't very happy to be honest. The rotation is set and it's good, no issues there. They signed Kevin Gregg and let Kerry Wood go...that's not going over well.

    I think the biggest mistake was trading Mark DeRosa away and thinking Aaron Miles can carry the load at second base.

    The NL Central didn't really improve though. The Brewers lost Sabathia and Sheets, the Pirates are the Pirates, the Cardinals did add much of anything, the Reds are the Reds, and what did the Asstros do? I think the Cubs are still easily the favorites because the rotation is still good, the bullpen is good (even w/o Wood) and the offense should be solid.

    C: Soto
    1B: D-Lee
    2B: Miles/Fontenot
    SS: Theriot
    3B: Ramirez
    OF: Soriano
    OF: Bradley
    OF: Johnson/Fukudome

    It's sad that I can rattle that off the top of my head but I hear so much about those clowns that its impossible not to know their roster.

    So yeah, I think they'll win the division again but their going to have to wake up in the playoffs or they'll be gone nice and early again.
  3. zagi

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    The cubbies offense is awful. They have good pitchers.
    Soto, Soriano, Bradley... too bad.

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