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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This is the projected line-up for the Chicago Cubs:


One thing to take in to consideration is that Joe Maddon is their new manager and he has a reputation of being great with young players.

Do you believe the Cubs are finally going to turn it around in the next few season, or they'll be the same old Cubs, basement dwellers?



Registered Member
The Sporting News magazine (formerly Street & Smith) predicted the Cubbies to win it all this year! Personally, I haven't studied enough of the team to comment, but the World Series prediction does seem a little silly.


New Member
Absolutely. I think they have a great chance at going far this season because they added some winners over the off-season. Biggest wildcard in that offense is Anthony Rizzo, and I definitely feel this kid could have a massive breakout with the pieces around him. And not to mention, the other Chicago team has a really solid chance too. So things looking good for CHICAGO!!!


The return shall be legenday!
Are they World contenders yet? No. Are they playoff contenders? Yes. Will they actually make the playoffs? Probably not, but they'll be in the mix of things. 2016 things will be a LOT more interesting for the Cubs.