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Cuban Revolution Deck



Heres a deck i dusted off and decided to share (note its prolly ganna need to be updated for the past ban or 2):

3|Mfc|United Resistance
3|Mfc|Oppressed People
3|Mfc|People Running About
3|Mfc|Huge Revolution
2|Lob|Giant Soldier of Stone
2|Ioc|Stealth Bird
1|Sdp|Mask of Darkness
2|Pgd|Lava Golem
1|Lod|Fiber Jar
1|Ast|Night Assailant
1|Pre|Cyber Jar
3|Ast|Level Limit - Area B
1|Psv|Premature Burial
2|Ast|Enchanting Fitting Room
1|Psv|Backup Soldier
2|Psv|Magic Drain
3|Tp4|Gravity Bind
2|Sdy|Ultimate Offering
1|Ast|Wall of Revealing Light
1|Psv|Call Of The Haunted
1|Pgd|Ordeal of a Traveler
1|Ioc|Compulsory Evacuation Device
1|Tsc|Negate Attack
3|Ast|Emissary of the Afterlife
2|Ep1|Return From The Different Dimension
2|Mrd|Seven Tools of the Bandit
2|Sdp|Soul Release
2|Mrl|Painful Choice
1|Ast|Soul Resurrection
1|Ast|Spirit Caller
1|Ast|Enchanting Fitting Room
1|Mrl|Messenger of Peace
1|Sdp|Mask of Darkness
2|Pgd|A Cat of Ill Omen

Its a strategy i've barly ever seen but is quite lethal. ^_^ tell me wutcha think and what to replace for this latest ban! ^_^ suggestions, anyone? lol


I have to admit that you do have some real creativity in that deck and thats what I like to see. I really don't have that much info about those kinds of decks causeI haven't ever saw somebody atucally make one.


Registered Member
I have to say, I've never considered making a deck out of the Huge Revolution cards and the normal support from Ancient Sanctuary. I like the concept, but how does it play?


basicly you try to take out those 3 monsters. then when u finally have them out, totally clean out ur opponent's field and hand.

its cuban in terms of its oppressed ppl and such (not to meantion the little boat that returns others to their hand) and im cuban so it just hit me. lol

it worked out really nice back when i played w/ it but i was thinkin to update.


Registered Member
That is cool. How come there is no Emmissary of the Afterlife? It will search out any normal monster with 1500 attack or less.


i think that card hadnt had come out yet at that time. i dont really remember at the momment. i know theres also that helpful turtle that dosnt allow monsters with over 1000 atk from attaking but i forgot its name, and come to think of it, adding 2 things for a player to worry about would be helpfull (like maybe a pheonix that will get rid of ur opponent's magic and traps if destroyed wrongly ontop of the cubans...er.... mistreated people?)