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CSS for layouts


Registered Member
I love using CSS for layouts!

Well, most of the time. I have found that some things do not look right in IE. Since I prefer Firefox, I often forget to check IE until I've nearly finished the layout - only to find that IE looks HORRIBLE and I have to do a bunch of extra fiddling to make it work properly.

But, that's beside the point.

The point is, CSS will do what tables do, but MUCH more streamlined and faster loading!


Registered Member
CSS is great and all, but I find myself still having to use tables for a lot of my layout needs. CSS and divs just can't give the same layout in some cases. I think a lot of the problem with that is cross browser, though. I've noticed that IE likes to stretch my pages to add extra spacing for padding and margins that it should not add.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I hate doing CSS only. I almost always use tables mostly because it's much easier to get things to look right in multiple browsers. I totally agree there.

Plus the sites that use ONLY divs are usually very Web 2.0 looking, which is also kind of a simple look that doesn't work for all sites.


Registered Member
I also like using tables when creating pages, because it is easier to read later on after you haven't looked at the site for awhile and need to make a change. But even with the tables, I use CSS within the tables or in classes to make the tables themselves look right. But only using CSS to make the page look right is hard and takes a lot of time.