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    I will try to keep this brief, but thorough. I need help with case 5, "The Big White Lie" on CSI: Three Dimensions of Murder. I'm looking for the .22 handgun in the warehouse. My hint tells me that it is in a first aid kit, but I can't find the first aid kit. Is it by the slot machines? The crates? Somewhere else? Is the first aid kit on the wall or closer to the ground? In your response, I request that you be as descriptive as possible.

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    Have you tried looking for help at You're much more likely to find what you're looking for there for a game like this.
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    Yes, I've tried gamefaqs, but I was unable to find the answer there. Thanks!
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    It is not visable when you go inside the wearhouse if you go left and you will see crates all stacked on top of each other. and a gap inbetween click down there use your toruch and you should find it

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