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PC Games CS: Anthology.



I know many people don't play it only source. I love it though it's a classic.

If you have it and ever wanna play in a server just go ahead and pm me or i/m me on aim.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I sometimes play CS 1.6. Sometimes because I can never find a decent server. Every public server I go on are usualy filled with idiots who call you a noob for no reason, TK and TW, camp, and just generaly act like little 6 year old morons.

!sTrIkE nInJa!

i have never played cs though have wanted to for some time. if anyone knows of a legitimate site were i could find a crack for cs i would appreciate it. plz no links for trojans.


i play 1.6 and condition zero all the time

Aim me or PM me 2 play

im pretty good -_-